The World’s FIRST Charity Coin 

Do you want to get rich & do a good deed at the same time? Then you’ve come to the right place! RockPool is the world’s first charity coin.

In the bustling streets of Amsterdam, among the clinking bicycles and serene canals, lives a Rhodesian Ridgeback known by everyone as “RockPool”. With his striking ridge running along his back and a charismatic personality, RockPool is not your ordinary street dog. He’s a legend in his own right, a party animal with a heart of gold.

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Every coin RockPool finds on his daily escapades, he saves up. Not for himself, but for a cause dear to his heart – helping dogs in need. Over the years, he’s become a silent benefactor for non-profit organizations dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating street dogs, ensuring they find loving homes.

Daily Business of "Rocky"

RockPool is collecting Coins in the Streets of Amsterdam

Narrative Part I


RockPool’s story begins in the labyrinthine alleys of Amsterdam, far from the picturesque canals and vibrant tulip fields that tourists so adore. Born into the rougher patches of the city, he was a street dog from the start, learning to navigate the perils of urban life with only his wits to rely on. Life was a daily struggle for survival, filled with the search for food, shelter, and safety from both the elements and the city’s less friendly inhabitants.

From a very young age, RockPool had to fend for himself. This harsh reality forged him into a dog of steel and shadow. To many, he might appear cold or indifferent—a reflection not of his heart but of the walls he had built to protect it. The streets taught him hard lessons, but they also honed his resilience, intelligence, and a deep-seated bravery that few could match.

Despite the hardships, or perhaps because of them, RockPool’s heart remained unscathed by the coldness of his exterior. He understood the struggles of the city’s other street dogs, especially the puppies born into this unforgiving world without a choice. Remembering his own struggles, he vowed to make a difference for them.

RockPool became a guardian of the streets, using his savvy and toughness to protect and provide for the vulnerable street puppies. He sought out the safest nooks for them to sleep, scavenged for the best scraps, and taught them the skills they needed to survive. RockPool’s actions spoke of a compassion as vast as the city itself, a commitment to ensuring these puppies would not have to endure the same hardships he did.

His reputation grew, not just as a tough street dog, but as a protector with a heart of gold. To those who know him well, RockPool is more than his rugged exterior; he is a beacon of hope in the dim alleyways of Amsterdam, a testament to the enduring spirit of those who care against all odds. RockPool’s story is a poignant reminder that even in the hardest of hearts, there is room for immense kindness and love, a legacy he hopes to pass on to the streets that raised him.

The Good Thing

The unique feature of Rockpool is its commitment to charity. For every transaction made, 1% of the invested money goes directly to a dog charity, making each investment a step towards a brighter future for dogs in need.

Narrative Part II

RockPool’s journey through the alleys and byways of Amsterdam wasn’t without its darker chapters. Among the many challenges he faced, his battles with alcohol and weed addiction stand out as particularly harrowing. These substances offered a temporary escape from the harsh realities of street life, a momentary relief that soon turned into a demanding dependency. The nights spent under the neon glow of bar signs and the haze of smoke became a cycle RockPool struggled to break free from, as these habits began to cloud his judgment and dull his once-sharp instincts.

The turning point came on a cold winter night, under the dim light of a lamppost, where RockPool found himself with little memory of the past hours and a lingering sense of emptiness. It was then he realized that this path would lead him away from the protector role he had carved out for himself among the street puppies. The thought of being unable to guard, guide, and provide for them due to his addictions filled him with a resolve he hadn’t felt before. Rockpool decided it was time for a change, to reclaim the strength and clarity he once prided himself on.

The journey to overcome his addictions was a testament to Rockpool’s resilience. It wasn’t easy; the call of old habits and the company he kept often tempted him to falter. However, RockPool’s determination was fueled by the responsibility he felt towards the street puppies and the memory of his own tough upbringing. He sought out new routines, replaced his nightly wanderings with long walks along the canals, and found solace in the serene beauty of Amsterdam’s quieter moments.

Gradually, RockPool managed to distance himself from the substances that once held him captive. Now, he allows himself the occasional beer, savoring it not for the escape it offers but for the taste and the moment of relaxation after a day’s hard work. Similarly, the once habitual joint has become a rare indulgence, one he partakes in with mindfulness of the balance he’s worked so hard to achieve.

RockPool’s transformation from a dog ensnared by addiction to one who lives with purpose and moderation has only added to his legend in the streets of Amsterdam. He stands as a beacon of hope not just for the street puppies he protects but also for others who find themselves in the throes of their own battles. RockPool’s story is a powerful narrative of redemption, showcasing that change is possible, no matter how deep one’s struggles may run.





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